Precision analytical scales with automatic adjustment mechanism and high resolution. Tough metal casing with complete glass windscreen, large graphic display and RS232 and USB port. The scales offer practically every function needed in laboratories:

  • Top quality
  • Precision
  • High resolution
  • Easy to read
  • Counting items
  • Percentage weights
  • Switching between different units
  • Capacity display for weight range
  • GLP/ISO...

Course microscopes model 200 are especially robust microscopes for educational purposes. They are simple to use and their mechanical and optical quality is outstanding. Separate adjustment knobs for fine and coarse setting allow the microscopes to be focussed quickly. The low temperature lighting provides for uniform illumination of the object and avoids the problem of heat affecting the slide when observed for long periods. LED lighting also has the additional benefit of being brighter, as...


min-max height:(750-950)±50mm  
forward ≥25°   backward ≥35°
leftward≥20°    rightward≥20°
head board fold upward:≥40°   fold downward:≥90°
leg board fold downward:≥90°  fold outward:≥90°

back board fold upward:≥45°   fold downward:≥20°

waist board lifting: ≥100mm
mains voltage:AC 220V±10% 50Hz
input power:≤150VA


Imported Denmark Linak gear engine...

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